Christmas Trees

Creating Family Memories!

Harvesting our Christmas Trees daily through out December from 9am – 4pm.

Delivery: BRISBANE Saturday 7th December 2019

Delivery: TOOWOOMBA Sunday 8th December 2019

  • Granite Belt Christmas Farm are proud growers of over 10,000 real Christmas trees for retail and wholesale customers.
  • Our Christmas trees are hand pruned 4 times a year to create thick, lush foliage and the perfect shaped Christmas tree.
  • Stroll through the fields of trees and savour the fresh smell of pine!
  • Find your perfect tree, then Santa’s helpers will measure, tag, cut down your tree and bring it back to the barn.
  • A netting service is available for  $5 for your tree(9ft – Under). The netting helps protect your tree whilst being transported.

Tree Care

How to get the best life out of your tree;

  1. Cut approximately 2cm off the bottom of the stump to preserve the freshness of the tree and draw in the water.
  2. Put the stump of your tree into water when you get home.
  3. Add Tree preservative into the water to enhance life and foliage of Tree.
  4. Check water levels daily (remember your tree can drink up to 4 litres of water in the first day!)
  5. Display your tree in a cool place, ensure your tree is away from direct sunlight and heat.

Tree Stands

We carry the number one choice in Christmas tree stands Cinco. The Cinco stands are made to display real, live Christmas trees securely and to keep them looking at their best for as long as possible.


MEDIUM STAND up to 8FT  $45 each

LARGE STAND up to 10FT     $60 each

Christmas Tree Prices 2018

3ft – $50

4ft – $50

5ft – $60

6ft – $70

7ft – $80

8ft – $90

Netting Service $5 per tree